Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Have anyone heard of this website? I found it few days ago, seems same way to use as hashingadspace, but you minting ADZB

from page about - “how it works” :

  • As a free member, you can mint upto 1 ad a day. To mint more ads you have to stake ADZB tokens, so you will get more minting power.
  • During the pre-launch, all members can only earn as a free member. After the launch, you can buy more ADZB token in order to hold more tokens to increase your minting power.

pre-launch - they talking about 20 june… so to this time can earn some free ADZB tokens based on ETH, …they wrote :
"During Prelaunch till 20 June you can accumulate as much token as you can by minting daily ads. As we fully launched you will be able to trade ADZB token on top exchanges where you can exchange them against BTC. We are already negotiating with different exchanges but we will disclose it on launch. "

I dont know if site is or will be paying, or not… etc. its new for me… so BE CAREFUL of any invest…
BUT you can use it as FREE and use too free credits 1000 per day for advert, …to promote your website and also, …mint as free user …1 ad to get free tokens.

No one know, if this have any future, maybe we will see after 20 june. But its way as make some free promote websites, so who is interested, can follow.
2nd side, if you have any better experience, u r welcome !