BitoCash Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

BitoCash Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Hello, today i found new Bitcoin Faucet App but like in Miner Design.

The App is called: BitoCash : Fantasy Bitcoin Miner *( )

In this App you can earn Bitcoins through click a Circle wait 5 min and you will recive 500 Satoshi. Also is this like Miner/Faucet.
And also you have 50 Energy that you can get througt watching an small ad and recive +20 Energy or you can wait.

Payout is at: 0,01 BTC (At now around ~ 70$)
*Success Referrer Comision: 0.00015 BTC + you get from your referrer what.

Every BTC Wallet is Supported also you can use Coinbase,Blockchain, Coins.PH etc…

PS: Be Patent and farm BTC otherwise if you leave a one Star with season scam than it can be happend that your acc will go on the banlist, meaned the stuff Team of the App, and use my Ref link for fast Resualt

Hey Michaela,
Does the app really work, did we really get our bitcoins every 28th of the month?