CitizenMe Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

CitizenMe Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

CitizenMe is a site that deals with paid surveys with the use of their App, it is designed to store surveys in one’s profile, through that; simple surveys that can earn one up to 5-8p per question is being placed.

The survey gives you some feedback and is basically short or brief. For instance, a survey can guide or assist you to detect your overspending per week or month on amenities. So after the App is downloaded and installed one will need to login and if the login is successful, one will see a series of tasks to be completed and coded with 3 basic colors.

  1. Green; this is a paid task.
  2. Dark blue: this is for insight which is very interesting for beginners.
  3. Light blue: this is designed for fun, meaning it is just for playing with and doesn’t attract payment.

Another feature is Notifications which can be allowed or disallowed. So when it is on allow; once there is any available payable survey it will alert you.

Once you download the app successfully you will be rewarded with €1 survey and the maximum point that can be earned in the second day is 15p.
The questions to be answered are 2-4 questions with the rate as mentioned earlier. Those questions could be answered within 3minutes depending on network or type of browser. Each question by my calculations will earn you at least €0.10 . Very important to note that; surveys are placed and have time to go off.

Meanwhile, invade there is payment issue because the payment is made only through the PayPal and once a survey was concluded the pay is designed to drop directly to the PayPal account instantly, so if there is problem like not seeing the money instantly, you must send a complain immediately and quote the survey for easy tracking and refund. However, the PayPal account has to be active.