App: Scam or Legit? App: Scam or Legit?

Hay! Earn up to 50 USD! Real thing! Evidence below!

Step 1

Now click here and write my ref nr and your Gmail!
Ref number: 62t8vjkuv2
Then click here to download the app
and sign up with the same ref number! Apps: | Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™
You will need to verify your identity, but there will be no video call! Registration will take 10 min max and authentication will take 15min max!

Step 2

Now you have to buy any currency for the smallest amount you go. Click on buy, then choose the currency you want, take Stellar or litcoin, then add a card, add the card and buy the currency for the lowest amount! Then you will immediately receive a bonus of 50 USD and your currency. There, those currencies can buy for 15 USD somewhere, which will have 65 USD …

Step 3

Can sell MCO (cryptocurrency) or otherwise exchange in the BTC (cryptocurrency). In this way, you will have about 0.005 BTC that you can transfer into some kind of purse. (top 7 wallets) you can sell from there to real money or accumulate.

Step 4 (optional).

Share with your friends and earn 50 USD in 30-40min