Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Site is very easy to use just put your desired coin wallets and start it , Auto Balance is the number of times you can claim all currency. For example if you have selected 5 currencies then every 2 minutes 5 will be deducted from your balance. You can get unlimited balance just by solving shortlinks! You can select 1 coin or Select all of them!

Every Shortlink gives you 50 AutoClaim Balance , if you dont want to solve shortlinks you can use web miner 1.000 Hash = 1 AutoClaim. its never stopping guys if you mine while autofaucet is open 7/24 auto payment fastest level up possibilty.

Firefaucet is legitimate in the sense that they give you the coins you earn, HOWEVER the ads that they show through their affiliated advertising sites have HUGE amounts of VIRUSES linked to them!!! So if you decide to use FireFaucet, either do so on your Android or iPhone device NOT on a PC. Your PC could get infected EVEN WITH AN ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM on your PC. So BEWARE of the viruses! I used to use Firefaucet all the time and was making decent earnings from it, HOWEVER I was fending off multiple viruses every single day. The risk to my PC was far too high and the risk even to my phone wasn’t worth it either. So BEWARE and be careful if you’re going to try FireFaucet. They cannot control the advertisers that advertise through their portal, nor can they control the viruses linked into the ads that are run on those sites.

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