Free bitcoin auto roll: Bitbot app Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?

Free bitcoin auto roll: Bitbot app Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?

Claim FREE BTC Automatically from FreeBitcoin! Earn free bitcoin & free dogecoin

Earn bitcoin and dogecoin for free!

BitBot is reward claiming for FreeBitcoin website “FREE BTC” game.

The app is built for users who they don’t have to solve captcha to earn “FREE BTC” rewards. It will claim rewards automatically every hour so you can earn more satoshis from the “FREE BTC” game.

As long as you are connected to internet, BitBot will attempt to take rewards! if isn’t the case, BitBot will try again when you are connected.

BitBot didn’t have a claiming mechanism for FreeDogecoin, but it’s listed anyway, so you could get free doges also.

I have bigger plans for future improving the app and maximize profits from it. Please install it and be patient for next features.

Not like other apps, BitBot is a lightweight free application, that is working perfectly!

***Benefits of BitBot:

  • Continuous FREE BTC rewards.
  • More Reward tickets.
  • More Reward bonuses! you could activate reward bonuses, you will earn more!
  • More Lottery tickets.
  • Maximum of interest, since your balance will grow fast!!