GameForm - Play Games Win Cash Reviews: Scam or Legit

GameForm - Play Games Win Cash Reviews: Scam or Legit

This is an iOS app that has games you can play to win cash.

There is a sign up bonus up to $25, but it is often closer to $5. You need to enter a referral code to get the sign up bonus. You also must make a $5 minimum deposit and play one game. You also get a referral bonus.

They way the app works is you pay a minimum of $0.10 to play a game and you can win $0.20. There is also a game that costs $0.25 and pays you $0.50 if you win. The games have a higher buy in and payout as you level up. You will use your sign up bonus initially to play the games, so you do not have to touch your $5 deposit.

The games start out easy and get harder as you progress,

I would suggest building up your winnings to $12 or so and cash out at the $10 minimum. You can then go back and play the games with the remaining $2. I left $2.50 after I cashed out and got that up to $11.50 pretty quickly with winnings and bonus rewards.

You can cashout to PayPal at a minimum of $10 and payment is received in about an hour or so. You should be able to cash out after playing an hour or two.

Referral Code: 4274534F