gpumining Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? gpumining Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Ok, the site was originally and it has several mining “sub-sites”, whatever they are called. I only happen to start my mining activity under GPU Mining, and found that 0.05BTC will take me a long while to reach!

All you need is your BTC wallet address, paste it on the field and start mining. Don’t have a computer, so my phone is doing all the work for me now.

Not sure when or why the domain name was changed to, but you can check out the link below:

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Please … Have you ever taken money from the site … and when

I mean … does the site pay money

Why doesn’t pay for our Bitcoins?
Is this site really making money? Or are they lying?

I have joined this site in July 2019, the host name has changed 3x:, ooMinings, bitcoin.minings. Seems like every option is free to use, input wallet address, start mining, I have selected GPU Mining, minimum withdrawal 0.35 btc, I have withdrawn, 09 October 2019 up to now, still waiting for confirmation? That’s alot of BitCoin, who is going to pay that much? Seems like a bluff. This site also claims to pay once a month? 20th of the month? This site may surivive on the winning credits submitted to purchase the sites video cards? As programmed in this site’s feature in GPU Mining. I do not understand why any programmer would go through the trouble in attracting BitCoin Mining features with a bluff with a fake withdrawal feature.

I have requested a withdrawal, in the history has been paid. but until now it has not been included in my swallow

Just an update, still have not received mining credit from this site. Waste of time.

This is a scam, is an English virtual office.
you can rent it for a few pounds.
enter the address, fax.

is a chet page called
so nothing is merely fraud, ooMinings, free BitCoin mining, is a scam. Gross annual income 13.5K, using other personal computer power to generate there own Hashpower, the higher the TH/s the more profitable just by tapping into a designated existing pool, on their behalf. Remember every is free??? But using your Hashpower.

This never paid

I received nothing but show option just paid

please use the link

What is the difference ?

This site never paid. Free to use. Waste of time.