gpumining Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? gpumining Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Ok, the site was originally and it has several mining “sub-sites”, whatever they are called. I only happen to start my mining activity under GPU Mining, and found that 0.05BTC will take me a long while to reach!

All you need is your BTC wallet address, paste it on the field and start mining. Don’t have a computer, so my phone is doing all the work for me now.

Not sure when or why the domain name was changed to, but you can check out the link below:

Please … Have you ever taken money from the site … and when

I mean … does the site pay money

Why doesn’t pay for our Bitcoins?
Is this site really making money? Or are they lying?

I have joined this site in July 2019, the host name has changed 3x:, ooMinings, bitcoin.minings. Seems like every option is free to use, input wallet address, start mining, I have selected GPU Mining, minimum withdrawal 0.35 btc, I have withdrawn, 09 October 2019 up to now, still waiting for confirmation? That’s alot of BitCoin, who is going to pay that much? Seems like a bluff. This site also claims to pay once a month? 20th of the month? This site may surivive on the winning credits submitted to purchase the sites video cards? As programmed in this site’s feature in GPU Mining. I do not understand why any programmer would go through the trouble in attracting BitCoin Mining features with a bluff with a fake withdrawal feature.

I have requested a withdrawal, in the history has been paid. but until now it has not been included in my swallow