Monese App Reviews: Scam or Legit?

Monese App Reviews: Scam or Legit?

This app si available only for EEA residence (European Economic Area).

Monese is in the online bank based in the UK that will pay you 15 Euros after your first tx (use my referral code ADRI4260 ). The app is paying. I will post my own proofs soon.

Follow this link to sign up Register here

To sign up you will have to add you phone number e-mail address and referral code (ADRI4260). After you sign up you will be able to download the app and sign in. The debit card will arrive in about 2 weeks, depending on your country. After it arrives you will have to pay for something with it ( a bottle of water for example) to receive the bonus. You will also have to top up the debit card to be able to use it. All the services are free.

PS monese has a great exchange rate and very low fees or non (you can withdraw for free up to 200 Euros from the EEA ATMs and pay up to 2000 Euros with no fee online or at POS)