Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

General information:
Satoshilabs (short: SL) is a faucet site with a very attractive twist. I’ll explain later. The site is absolutely free to use, it doesn’t require any investment (only time and patience). It doesn’t even allow you to invest, so anything you earn is pure profit.
The site is SSL secured, which is an indication for professionalism. SL is easy to navigate and doesn’t hinder you with annoying popups or popunders. Only in rare occasions you’ll receive one of those, but hey: they have to generate income in order to pay their members.

SL has been online since august 2018 and has a proven trackrecord of payments. The admin (Lindernman) is very active and responsive. The payment proofs can be found on their site, including the hash code, so it can be verified.
SL uses “labflasks” as internal currency. Thousand labflasks = $0.05. Minimal withdrawal is 5000 labflasks and all payments are made through faucethub, so make sure your btc wallet address is linked to faucethub!

What’s the idea :
As mentioned earlier, SL is a faucet site. Every 5 minutes you can claim from 5 – 15 labflasks. These labflasks can be used to buy and upgrade buildings to earn more. The idea behind labflasks has to do with the game part of SL: without the need to have knowledge of chemistry, you can “build” your own chemistry lab. This chemistry lab produces labflasks and of course: the higher your chemistry lab level, the more labflasks per hour you produce.
This chemistry lab can consist of various buildings:

  • Bunkers
  • Generators
  • food crates
  • Technology
  • Tools
  • Security

All these buildings have their own production rate, basically: how many labflasks do they produce each hour. In order to produce labflasks, the buildings require energy. This energy can be obtained in the form of credits, which are provided by means of various offerwalls. Credits can be converted to labflasks, to buy and/or upgrade a building. Since energy is used, make sure you have enough credits to replenish the energy. There is a “autorefill energy” option and it is recommended to enable this function. This way, you only have to make sure you don’t run out of credits.
Buildings expire after 90 days.

The faucet:
There is not much to say about the faucet. Basically, you can claim labflasks every 5 minutes, but sometimes you have to wait a little bit longer (6 to 8 minutes or so). I have no idea why, but it is not very important in my opinion. To claim, you have to answer a captcha (either recaptcha or solvemedia) and push the claim button to get a reward. It works smoothly. One important thing about the faucet: the more claims are made, the higher the reward pool becomes (I’ll explain later). It is beneficiary for all members with buildings to claim from the faucet.

SL has a chat function, which makes it easy to get to know the program. Users are willing to help, although they’ll point to the FAQ first. Obviously, the chat function is not mentioned to explain in all details what SL is about. The admin of SL, Lindernman is active in the chat too, which is a good sign. He really cares about his program and is constantly improving it and incorporating new functions.

SL offers a good set of various offerwalls (not all are offers actually, but they are all placed under the Offerwalls section of the site for easy navigation). I’m not going to explain the offerwalls, since this is beyond the scope of this review. A few important things to mention:
The following offerwalls are available at the moment (16 March 2019).
Adscendmedia, Adgate, PTCwall, Shortlinks, Minutestaff,Adworkmedia, t
Theorem reach,
New sites may be added and sites that don’t function anymore will be deleted, showing again that the admin takes care of his program.
All the offerwall products serve basically one thing: to provide you with credits for performing certain tasks (surveys, clicking short links, click ptc, do a quiz, etc). This of course is the main source of income for SL: they pay for the exposure they get. In SL the credit mechanism is very cleverly incorporated: you simply need credits in order to build and maintain your chemistry lab. A win-win situation: the offerwall programs and sites get their exposure, members of SL get their credits.
The offerwall section also comes with a bonus section, which is very interesting. If for instance, you took 2 surveys for more than 1000 credits each, you can claim a bonus for another 1000 credits. Don’t forget this part,since it can add up very nicely!

Lately, a dice game has been introduced on SL. You can bet Labflasks and predict hi/lo. You win: you get more flasks, otherwise you lose your bet. Personally, i don’t play this game, since i’m earning enough labflasks daily to build and improve my lab. But if you have some flasks to spare, you can take a chance.

SL comes with a referral program. Only 1 level and on that level you get 20% of what your referrals claim from the faucet and 10% of the credits your referrals get from the offerwalls.

Every building comes with its own production capacity. For every 10 production per hour, you’ll receive 0,14 labflasks, provided your energy level is at 100%. So, if you have a production of 140 per hour and your energy =100%, this means 1.96 labflasks per hour or 47.04 labflasks per day.
You lose 1 energy per hour and each energy point cost 3 credits. For every 5000 production, you also lose 0,75 credits per hour.
Clearly, keeping enough credits is crucial and this way, the admin ensures that every member who is serious enough, is also active enough. To determine the number of credits you need, depends on how active you are. If you’re only able to login once a week and do offerwalls, you need at least 500 credits in reserve (assuming your production is below 5000, otherwise you need about 750 credits to last for a week.

Reward pool:
Besides the labflasks from your own buildings and the faucet, you can also get additional labflasks out of the reward pool. The more active you are (doing offerwalls and faucet claims and probably be active on the chat too) and the higher the level of your buildings is, the more you get from the reward pool. Consider this as bonus. You can get this bonus only if you have active buildings.

First of all: SL will not make you rich (at least not overnight) and as with all these programs: patience is a key. At least SL won’t cost you anything since you cannot invest here. With this in mind consider the parts of SL as parts of an engine:

  • You need labflasks to buy buildings
  • You need energy to feed the buildings
  • You need credits to get energy

At first, the faucet claims are important, since they start you up with some labflasks. As soon as you have 250 labflasks, you can buy your first building: a bunker. I did this and that was a mistake. The best building to start with, is a generator. Together with the security building, they have the highest roi. So, i would concentrate on these two only.
Try to get as much credits as possible, convert them into labflasks and buy generators. Focus on generators first, until a security building comes in reach. Buy a security building.
Keep energy at 100% at all times, make sure to keep enough credits in reserve and build your chemistry lab. Be active!