WowApp Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

WowApp Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

WowApp is a social network/messanger app available for Mobile (Android and iOS), Mac and Windows that reward users for using the app daily. Reward are paid in WOW coins which can later be cashed out for real cash or airtime. You can earn WowCoins from 7 various activities.

  1. Instant Earn - This activity include watching ads and completing surveys and you instantly get WOW coins after completing this this kind of task.
  2. Smart Slide - You earn WOW coins by using WOWapp lookscreen which display ads (lockscreen can be disabled).
  3. Smart Web - Completing this activity requires you to download Wowapp extension for your PC browser, you earn WOW coins by browsing internet, shopping online, reading news and completing surveys. This extension is available for Chrome and FireFox
  4. Shop Online - You get a percentage of your cash back by shopping in popular stores like Ebay, AliExpress etc via WowApp affliate link.
  5. Games - Earn WOW coin for paying different Free to play games. Wow coins are paid based on in game duration.
  6. App & Web Use - Generally you earn Wow coins for logging into the app daily, chatting with your contacts and reading news.
  7. Talk - You get rewarded WOW coins for making paid calls usin WOW credit. Wow credit can either purchased from the app’s website or exchanged with WOW coins.


  1. Easy Earning For Social People: If you are a social person and have alot of contact, you can easily earn from this app.
  2. Various ways of earning.
  3. Multiple redeem methods: Donation, PayPal, Airtime and Bank transfer.
  4. Available globally


  1. Slow Earning: You only earn few wow coins a day. Depending on your country, It can basically take you months to reach minimum checkout if you don’t have active referral or don’t use the app regularly.
  2. Earned Wow Coins are locked up for minimum of 60days before one can cashout.
  3. High CashOut Threshold: The minimum cashout points is 108 Wow credit for airtime (although you can start making donation with 10 WOW coins), this is quite high due to the amount of points you can earn per day.