YouGov Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

YouGov Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

About YouGov
1-like most of other survey website you can earn money from taking easy surveys about thing you know
2-it is working world wide so everyone can use it simply without having any issue
3-Earn points which you can later redeem for real cash or gift cards or even donate to charity
4-The most common surveys you will find ( movies, restaurants, Technology, consumer products, current events and other industries)
5-They tell you how long will the survey take from you as an average
6-They email you when there are available survey so you don`t have to wait or check the website
7- once you got email for new survey you have to make it otherwise it will not be available and will gone
8- there are 2 welcome survey where you can earn 100 points from them as a start gift
9- Surveys takes around 7-15 minutes as an average

How to Get Start?
1-Just signup and fill some information like country, address , State, Date or birth , gender and postal code then verify your e-mail
2-They give you starting survey to know much more about you and send survey suitable to you (Make sure to give right information to increase your coming survey) ( paid )

How many survey can i get ?
their is no specific number depend on the country you are from and the information you provide them with … but from my own experience they sent me 4 surveys per week

How much can i earn ?
Most of surveys give 50 points each as an average

Once you have 5000 points you can request your payment
5000 points = 50 dollars
you can request payment via

1- Cash by deposit to your PayPal account or Prepaid cards

2-Gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants

3-Mobile credits

4-Charity donation

Payout takes from 5-10 business days ( DON`T WORRY THEY ARE LEGIT AND REALLY PAYS)
PS: Sometimes they have delay in payments depend on the payment method

Referral Program
can also earn Points for referring friends and family.
you will get 200 points for every one you refer

What is not good about it?
1-You have to wait until you get 5000 points
2-Payment sometimes take long time to arrive

thank you for the info